Residential lighting installed by John Davis, a Kalamazoo electrician
Residential Lighting installed by John Davis, Kalamazoo Electrician.

Commercial Lighting: You can't work in the dark! Lighting is one of the most important parts of a productive work environment. We offer repair, replacement and recommendations for optimal lighting, including the possibility of electrical upgrade to meet all of your lighting needs.

An example of outdoor landscape lighting as installed by John Davis, a Kalamazoo electrician
Outdoor landscape lighting installed by the John Davis electrical team.

Ballast/Bulb Replacement: Are you tired of the annoying hum that keeps coming from a flickering light? A degrading ballast is the cause. Fixture maintenance is required to maximize power load and lamp life, and we are happy to help you with this.

Holiday Lighting: Bright, cheerful lighting is arguably one of the best parts of the holiday season, and we want to make your holidays as joyful as possible! Dedicated circuitry is recommended for additional use of exterior lighting for displays ranging from moderate to elaborate.

Light Dimmers, Controls and Timers: Let's be honest: sometimes, a simple on and off light switch is not enough. Not only can specialized light switches allow you to further customize your lighting experience, but they can also help you save energy and money. If you crave a little something more from your lighting system, we can add specialized lighting controls and timers to make your life just that much easier.

Residential lighting installed by John Davis, a Kalamazoo electrician.
This residential lighting installation was done by John Davis.

General Replacement and Repair: This world isn't perfect, and it is inevitable that some things will break. We do all kinds of lighting replacement and repair, specializing in bathroom and kitchen lighting, recessed lighting, and track and accent lighting.

An example of residential lighting repair done by John Davis, Kalamazoo electrician
John Davis can do general replacement and repair, as shown here.

Retrofit Lighting: Lighting can always be improved, even if it is not currently broken. We can help you upgrade your existing functional lighting if you are not currently satisfied with your current lighting situation.

Outdoor Motion Sensors With Photocells: Have you ever wished that you could save money by not running your outdoor lights unless there is someby outside to see them? Thanks to motion sensor technology, your lights can sense if there are people present, and will only activate when necessary. The more frugal use of motion-activated lighting saves money in itself. Furthermore, photocells recycle energy from the sun, saving you even more money on your electricity bill.